Am I Eligible for GO WUSTL?

Washington University students who are enrolled in participating programs are eligible to sign up for GO WUSTL services. Participating programs include:

  • Arts & Sciences
  • Business
  • Art & Architecture
  • Engineering & Applied Science
  • University College (Degree seeking students only)
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Business
  • Art & Architecture
  • Engineering & Applied Science
  • Law
  • University College
  • Social Work

Faculty and staff are not currently eligible for GO WUSTL services at this time.

How do I activate my GO WUSTL account?

To activate your GO WUSTL account, you must first have:

  • Your WUSTL KEY
  • Your WUSTL KEY password
  • An alternative non-university email address, such as yahoo, gmail, or any other service you wish to use. Most students will already have a personal email address outside of their @wustl.edu address. For those who need to establish one, please do that before activating your GO WUSTL account.

Once you have these things in hand, then you are ready to activate your GO WUSTL account (if you are an eligible student). The activation process is a two-step process:

  1. Read and agree to the Usage Guidelines that are provided for you.
  2. Confirm your WUSTL KEY password and also:
    • review your privacy settings
    • provide your alternate non-university email address

Remember: if you are not eligible for GO WUSTL services, you will not be allowed to complete the activation process at this time.

What happens after I activate my GO WUSTL account?

Once you have activated your GO WUSTL services, you will receive a confirmation email via:

  1. GO WUSTL account
  2. School email address
  3. Any alternate (non-University) email address you provided during the activation process.

You should continue to check your school email address for up to two business days. It may take this long for all your school mail to now be delivered to your GO WUSTL account. If you continue to receive school mail at your school email address after two days, please be sure to contact your school help desk for assistance.